We are a global business development advisory company working with startups and scale-ups in Central Eastern Europe. We have four functional areas, such as education, mentoring, acceleration and scaling. This list largely corresponds to the kind of help we can give to a company in its development journey. Learn more about each function and get in touch with us if you want to grow your business to the next level.


You can only accelerate what exists. At this stage we work with companies that already know the customer, the value propositions and has a vague idea about where growth may happen - both in terms of geography and also in strategy. If you are interested in contacting with Global Traction or its partner Digital Factory, feel free to e-mail:


The world is opening up and there are many opportunities for companies to reach international markets. We help in these endevours by our methodology to reach international markets. There are two levels to the way we can help here: either by developing your business as an assignment or by developing an expert board for you.

The Non-Executive Directors (NED) Board
There is always a point in the company's life where the founder and its immediate advisors realize, they found a number of 'known unknowns'. That is when a NED can be immensely powerful help to catapult the company to the international level.


Today there are so many ways one can become a mentor. We do not believe this is right. We believe in expertise and knowledge, which can only be accumulated over decades of dedicated professional work. These people can be found all over the world but can only be attracted with demonstrated financial commitment in the form of equity or ongoing cash payments.


We have developed a 5 module international market access course. The modules are: 1. Discoverability 2. International market access methods 3. International Networking 4. International market research 5. International Platforms. If you follow the Global Traction meetup then you will be notified when the course is available again.


If you want to reach out to us or would like to get to know each other (post-COVID :) then here are the ways for you to reach out to us: